"Let your lives speak"

Inscription carved on the rock – George Fox's 'Pulpit' Fairnbank Fell, Yorkshire Dales.

In the years following the death of 'Teddy' Doig, his children began to construct their lives in the post war period.   His eldest daughter Eliza, known to the family as 'Lila' was already married by November 1919 to Edward ('Ted') R. Evans and was living nearby at 40, Hornsey Road, Anfield.  In the 1915 street directory 'Ted' Evans was listed at the above address and his occupation was given as a tobacconist but he was later to be in insurance.  They had two children both boys, the eldest, Albert remained unmarried in the family home and is living there in 1999.   Clifford married and had two boys and they live in Fleetwood. 'Lila' and 'Ted' remained in Hornsey Road for the rest of their lives.

Edward junior (Ted) 28 years old in 1919 and an engineer must have made his father proud when he played a few games in goal as an amateur in the September of the 1919 - 20 football season for Liverpool F.C. reserves.     Within two months 'Teddy' Doig had succumbed to influenza and 'Ted' junior was stated to be playing for South Liverpool at the time of his death.  By the 1920-21 season he was playing with his brother 'Jim' for Stuart A.F.C.     He also, like his brother 'Jim', had a representative game with Liverpool County versus Lancashire and Cheshire as an undated newspaper cutting indicates.     He had also appeared in goal occasionally for Liverpool F.C. Reserves during the war, certainly appearing at Anfield against Crewe A. (score 1:1 ) in the Central League (2 cuttings). Prior to the war (1911) he worked in America and played for Campbell Rovers in the Football League of Chicago playing against such sides as Calumet, Pullmans and Bricklayers and during this time was selected for a combined Chicago Team v The Bricklayers. (3 cuttings).   

Stuart Fc 1921.jpg (34738 bytes)
Stuart F. C. 1921

A 1921 photograph shows that he was a Goalkeeper,  (with the Cap), for Stuart A. F. C. with his younger brother Jim as Captain in the front with the Ball. The Liverpool Echo of Friday October 5th 1923, in the column announcing the teams for the following day stated "Earle have been fortunate in signing Edward Doig Goalkeeper, the son of the ex-Liverpool goalkeeper and will appear at Orrell on the 6th. Earle were beating Orrell 2:1 at half time Doig being beaten by a hard long drive. The following week Earle were away to Whalley Grange in the first round proper of the English F.A. Amateur Cup and were beaten 0:1 The Saturday Football Echo of the 13th October carried a picture of Edward Doig on page 4.

He married, on December 26th 1924, Renie Telfer Griffiths and they resided (1937) at 69, Albert Edward Road, Kensington, Liverpool where they brought up their two girls, Iris born 10th May 1932 and Marie born 26th July 1936.

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Miriam Douglas married John Arthur Greensmith passed away and was interred on 7th June 1939 aged 32yrs in tragic circumstances, her sonArthur  Stanley Greensmith married Phyllis Mary Hill and had two daughters Gail Lauren and Caroline Lee. Stanley passed away on the14th January  2001 at the Hershey Medical Centre Hershey.P.A. U.S.A.

Edward died on 10th March 1952 age 60 and is buried with his father and youngest sibling, Miriam Greensmith at Anfield Cemetery.    His wife Renie remained in Albert Edward Road until her death in late June 1980. Iris, whose first husband Mr Dunn (married in 4h qtr. 1953) died suddenly, married Tommy Lee and they have two children, Ken ( from the first marriage),and Diane. Marie married Jimmy Dowling (3rd qtr. 1958) and have four children :- Rita, Paul, Greg and Anthony.   Marie was bitten in her garden and after suffering  a few strokes as a consequence died shortly after on the 29th May 2002

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Edwards watch

Very little is known of the life of William (Bill). Always laughingly referred to as the black sheep of the family he moved to London and lost contact with the family for many years and only in the 1980's had contact with his youngest brother Stanley and his son John who attended his funeral in 1992. 'Bill' was said to have taken his father's International Caps with him and no trace of them has been found. 'Bill' married a Miss Davies in 3rd qtr 1925 but had no children. He would be 97 or 98 when he died.'      On his Death Certificate he is recorded as having been Ships Steward.

Bertie, always called 'Bert', was too young to serve in the Great War and was 18 when his father died.    He had a post in Paris for a time in the post war reconstruction period and was football captain of the English Club.     He was certainly back in Liverpool by 1922 as he was playing at inside left with his younger brother Stan in a team called Oakmere in the Liverpool Invinsa League, Southern Section.    By 1926 he was playing football with his brothers 'Jim' and Stanley in the West Derby Union from this time.    The April 1927 annual report of the W.D.U. Officers Guild lists him as working at the Assessment and Brownlow Hill Relief Departments where he was a clerk.     His last working years were spent at Brougham Terrace (Registrar's Offices).    He married Blanche Allen on 28th November 1931 and in 1937 they were living at 66, Pinehurst Road, Anfield, Liverpool where two girls were born, Barbara in October 1938 and Beryl in September1940.    Blanche still lives at Pinhurst Rd. Blanche in her later years suffered from Alzimer having danced her years away until her 90's died in a nursing home in Formby Merseyside on Tuesday 16th July 2002.aged 94.

Stanley, the youngest son, 16 years old at the end of the Great War became an upholsterer and for most of his working life was foreman upholsterer at Walton Hospital.    He cycled to Sunderland in 1919 and visited the Club to see the massive painting referred to on page 16 which at that time was situated at the head of the staircase.    The Club secretary, Mr. Bob Kyle upon finding out who he was, advised him to go to the Station Hotel (? Queens Hotel).          In the foyer there were three large coloured tiled panels 10' 6" x 6' 6".    The first depicted W. G. Grace batting at Lords, the second was of a great Australian sculler on the Thames and the third was of his father J. E. (Ned) Doig with a ball in his hands. Across the top in large gold lettering was the caption: - "THE THREE GREATEST SPORTSMEN OF THE 19TH CENTURY".   It is believed that the hotel no longer exists.

In 1922-23 Stanley was playing centre half for a football team called Oakmere in the Liverpool Invinsa League (Southern Section) with his brother Bertie at inside left.    By the end of October 1922 this team was leading the league - P6 Pts 11.

Stanley married Doris Moorcroft born 6th August 1908 and had two children Jean Avril born 15th April 1937 and John Alexander born 19th December 1940. Jean married James Joyce Hucker on the 6th August 1960 and has a son Duncan born January 13th 1961. he married Lynn in 1981 and has two children Keeley born 14th Sept 1986 and Daniel born 26th October 1989?

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Stan & Doris 1929

The seventh child, Eva married Edward Heron who was also an insurance agent and they bought a house in Blackmore Drive, West Derby, Liverpool.     They only had one child, Sheila who married John Beaton and they eventually settled in Brixton, near Plymouth, Devon. Sheila and John adopted a child whom they named Shona and shortly after had a boy of their own called Ruari.

The youngest of the eight children, Miriam (Mim) made an unhappy marriage to a Mr. Joh n Stanley Greensmith in the 3rd qtr. 1927 and they had a boy (in about 1928) whom they called Arthur Stanley (known as Stanley).      Mr. Greensmith left his family and 'Mim' and Stanley lived with her mother Davina at 18 Miriam Road and Miriam took her own life in early June 1939 and she was interred with her father at Anfield Cemetery on 7th June 1939.     Stanley remained with his grandmother and became a draftsman with A.V. Roe the aircraft manufacturers after the Second World War and eventually emigrated to America.    He married Phyllis Mary Hill daughter of John Hill and Rose Maude (Ramus) and had two daughters, Gail Lauren and Caroline Lee (?10th September 1960). Stanley retired age 65 (?28th February 1993).     His address at this time being 127 Laurel drive, Enola, PA 17025 - 1544 USA.    Tel Area Code 717, 732, 1753).

'Ned' Doig's third son 'Jim' (J. H.) following his army service, obtained a post as a clerk in Walton Hospital, Rice Lane, Liverpool and worked mainly in the wages and salaries office until his retirement after forty years service.     Walton Hospital was originally a workhouse for the poor, but by 1922, under the New West Derby Union, was classified as a "Poor Law Institution".

'Jim', like his father, was interested in breeding canaries but along with his brothers his main pastime was football. A photograph shows him in a team called Stuart A.F.C. in 1920-21.    He appears to be Captain, seated in the front row centre with the ball whilst 'Ted', his oldest brother, is the goalkeeper standing behind him.    For the 1921-22 and 1922-23 seasons 'Jim' played for West Kirby F.C. in the West Cheshire League.    At the end of the season he was presented with a silver cigarette case inscribed "An Appreciation from a few Supporters of West Kirby; season 1922-23"  This is now in the possession of his son J. Eric Doig.

In 1923 the staff of The West Derby Union formed an Officers Guild and a football section was organised. 'Jim' Doig and brothers 'Bert' and 'Stan' who were also in the service were players.    The team played in the I Zingari leagues from 1926.  Three different photographs show the three brothers with 'Jim' again in the middle front with the ball as captain.

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Stanley Jim and Bert
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In the Annual Report of the Guild for the year ending 30th April 1927 it is seen that J. Doig was a correspondent for Walton Hospital; B. Doig is listed as a member of the Assessment and Brownlow Hill Relief Department and S. Doig was given as a "Relative" member, indicating that he was not on the staff.   In the Football Report section it was noted that a successful application was made to the I Zingari Alliance prior to the start of the season, the First team joining the First Division and the Second Team placed in the Second Division.    Season 1926-27 was summarised "After a very close fight the First Team finished second in the league table, missing the top position by one point.    Taking all things into account, both teams have been successful.    First Team results :- P26; W20, D1, l5; F 129, A 61; Pts. 41.  Liverpool Amateur Cup: -  lost first round.   I Zingari Cup: -  Got through to the First round Proper.   It was reported that it was believed that this had only been accomplished on one previous occasion. (Note. Presumably by a team from the Alliance.) Earle who eliminated the Union, eventually won the Trophy.    The leading scorers were :- J. H. Doig 38 league 12 cup total 50.    B. Doig 23 league 10 cup total 33.    The total goals scored in all competitions by the team 179.     The captain of the First Team was given a F. Lennon. (Note. The team would have been promoted to the I Zingari Fourth Division.)

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Pictures of the Brothers before they got married
Bert, Stan, Ted, Bill anfd Jim

Brospg.JPG (72326 bytes)
Bill,Bert, Ted, Stan and Jim

D1.jpg (45762 bytes)
Four Brothers with Davina Bill is missing.